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Translators and interpreters from English into Czech:

Name Country Areas of Specialization
Eva Svobodová Czech Republic Socio-cultural, medicine, cooperative, activities, sightseeing
Jana DeMilt USA Medicine, law, social sciences
Jaroslava Rosenová Czech Republic

Technical manuals, government, administration, legislation, medical, environment, information technology, art, culture, linguistics, general

Jirka Bolech Czech Republic Electronics, computers, business, and much more
Marcela Imlaufová Czech Republic General, correspondence, Agriculture and related studies (Biology, Zoology, Botany, Horsemanship, Environment, etc.), the Retail and Textile industries, literature, and the contemporary music scene
Petra Simons Czech Republic Personal letters/emails, newspaper articles, books, contracts etc.
Radka Peková Czech Republic Websites, personal correspondence, grammar, lingvistics, general
Robert Reich Czech Republic Computer software, science (medicine etc.)
Sona Starkova UK General translation, business correspondence
Zdenka Zvoníčková Czech Republic General, technical, legal, personal correspondence

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