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Tests and Exercises

To view the Czech characters properly, make sure that your browser is set to display Central European fonts.

The following multiple choice tests and exercises are based on the phrases and vocabulary words that are covered in our Czech language section. Please pick a test:

Translate This!
Find out how well you know some standard Czech phrases when you see them written down (that always helps!).

Translate This #1     Translate This #2     Translate This #3     Translate This #4

Listening Fitness
What about if you can't see what you hear? Listen to recorded Czech phrases and decide what on Earth it was that you just heard!

Listen Up #1     Listen Up #2     Listen Up #3     Listen Up #4

What's the Answer?
Read a question in English and pick a possible answer in Czech.

Questions #1     Questions #2

Vocab Drill
And last but not least, practice your vocabulary!

Drill #1     Drill #2     Drill #3     Drill #4

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