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Czech Nouns: Declension

Czech grammar books provide several paradigms, or sets of model nouns, that present the proper ending for that type of noun in each of the seven cases. Every gender (masculine, feminine and neuter) has its own set of model nouns - the masculine has six, the feminine and neuter each have four model nouns. Every model noun represents all the other nouns within that gender that carry the same type of ending in the nominative. For example, the model noun "žena" (woman) represents all other nouns of the feminine gender that end with the vowel -a. The model noun "město" (city) represents all other nouns of the neuter gender that end with the vowel -o. The seven case endings of a model noun can then be applied to any other Czech noun represented by the model noun.

Declension of masculine nouns
Declension of feminine nouns
Declension of neuter nouns


Remember: Which prepositions are used with each case?
More on prepositions

 Case Prepositions used with this case (more on prepositions)
1. nominative no preposition
2. genitive bez - without
blízko - near
do - to, into, until
od - from
okolo / kolem - around, about
u - at, by (location)
vedle - next to
z / ze - from
3. dative k / ke - to, towards
kvůli - because of, due to
navzdor(y) - in spite of, despite
proti / naproti- against
vůči - towards, to, against
4. accusative na - on, onto (direction)
o - for
pro - for
přes - in spite of
za - for, on behalf of, in the course of
5. vocative no preposition
6. locative na - on (location)
o - about
po - after
v / ve - in
7. instrumental mezi - between
nad - above, over
pod - below, under
před - in front of, before
s / se
- with
za - behind
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