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Czech Diphthongs

au    eu    ou

Diphthongs are sounds that consist of two vowels within the same syllable (like in the English word "meow").

If each vowel belongs to a different syllable (e.g. "na-u-čit", "ne-ur-či-tý", "po-u-smát se"), they are not considered diphthongs but simple vowels.

Click on any Czech word to hear it pronounced. The size of the sound files ranges between 23KB to 45KB to ensure good audio quality. It may take a few seconds to download each file.

Au, au Eu, eu Ou, ou
auto - car
pneumatika - tire
louka - meadow
aukce - auction
eukalyptus - eucalyptus
kocour - tomcat

kauce - bail

neuróza - neurosis
Olomouc - Olomouc

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