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Czech "Softening" Vowel


The Czech vowel "ě" can only appear after the following consonants: b, d, m, n, p, t, v. It can only be pronounced in connection with these consonants, not by itself. The vowel softens the preceding consonant or the syllable in which it appears.

Click on any Czech word to hear it pronounced. The size of the sound files ranges between 28KB to 44KB to ensure good audio quality. It may take a few seconds to download each file.

Pronunciation of "bě", "pě", "vě"
Pronounced as "bje", "pje", "vje" (see Selected Consonants - "j")
oběd - lunch
pět - five
devět - nine

Pronunciation of "dě", "tě", "ně"
The "ě" softens the preceding consonant (see Soft Consonants)
anděl - angel
těsto - dough
Německo - Germany

Pronunciation of "mě"
Pronounced as "mně", as if "n" was inserted between the "m" and "ě" (see pronunciation of "ně" above)
město - city

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