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Listen Up #1

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Click on the underlined category title to hear a phrase from that category. Then choose the correct translation of what you just heard from the four choices below.

1. Language and Communication
A. I am studying Czech.
B. I don't understand.
C. I don't speak Czech.
D. Speak more slowly.

2. Getting Directions
A. Is it on the right?
B. How do I get there?
C. Where is the theater?
D. How far is it?

3. Emergencies
A. My purse / bag has been stolen.
B. I have lost my passport / bag.
C. I have lost my passport / money.
D. My bag and money have been stolen.

4. Greetings
A. Good afternoon.
B. Good evening.
C. Good night.
D. Good morning.

5. Transportation
A. Is this seat taken?
B. Excuse me, are you available?
C. Where is the train station?
D. Where do I buy tickets?

6. Any Category
A. What is the soup of the day?
B. What's your name?
C. What is the exchange rate?
D. What time is it?

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