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Listen Up #2

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Click on the underlined category title to hear a phrase from that category. Then choose the correct translation of what you just heard from the four choices below.

1. Sightseeing
A. Where is the town square?
B. Where is the cathedral?
C. Where is the church?
D. Where is the tour guide?

2. Eating Out
A. Cheers!
B. Check please!
C. Waiter!
D. Enjoy your meal!

3. Places to Stay
A. When is check-out time?
B. Where is a youth hostel?
C. Where can I wash my clothes?
D. How much is a double room?

4. Language and Communication
A. Do you speak English?
B. Can you speak more slowly?
C. Can you write it down?
D. Can you repeat it?

5. At the Bank
A. What is the exchange rate?
B. Where can I exchange traveller's checks?
C. Where is a cash machine?
D. What is your commission?

6. Any Category
A. Cheers!
B. Hello!
C. See you!
D. Enjoy your meal!

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