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Translate This #2 - Answers

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1. Sightseeing and Getting Directions
Where is the Old Town Square?
B - Kde je Staroměstské náměstí?
Source: Sightseeing

2. Bon Appetit!
What will you get if you order "svíčková na smetaně, knedlík"?
B - Beef sirloin with dumplings and vegetable cream sauce
Source: Eating Out

3. Emergencies
Where is the police station?
D - Kde je policejní stanice?
Source: Emergencies

4. Ailments and Illnesses
I have a sore throat.
A - Bolí mě v krku.
Source: At the Doctor's Office

5. Signs
What does "Zavřeno" mean?
D - Closed.
Source: Signs

6. What You Should Know
Where is...?
C - Kde je...?
Source: Little Big Words

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