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Questions #2 - Answers

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1. How old are you?
A - Je mi devatenáct let. (I'm nineteen years old.)
Source: Meeting People

2. What languages do you speak?
C - Mluvím anglicky a česky. (I speak English and Czech.)
Source: Language and Communication

3. Where is the town square?
C - Jděte rovně a pak zahněte doprava. (Go straight and then turn right.)
Source: Getting Directions

4. When is the next train to Prague?
D - Příští vlak do Prahy jede v osm hodin. (The next train to Prague leaves at eight o'clock.)
Source: Transportation

5. May I help you?
B - Prosil bych mapu města. (I'd like a map of the city.)
Source: Sightseeing

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