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Getting Directions

Click on any of the linked Czech words or phrases to play them in your audio player. The audio is available in Real Audio. You can download RealPlayer for free from real.com.


Excuse me, where is the theater? Prosím vás, kde je divadlo?
Walk straight ahead. Jděte rovně.
Turn right / left. Zahněte doprava / doleva.
It'll be on your right / left. Bude to napravo / nalevo.
How far is it? Jak je to daleko?
Can you show me on the map? Můžete mi to ukázat na mapě?


behind za
building budova
close / near blízko
(to the) east (na) východ
far daleko
in front of před
next to vedle
(to the) north (na) sever
on the left nalevo
on the right napravo
(to the) south (na) jih
straight rovně
street ulice
town square náměstí
(to the) west (na) západ


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