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Dog Commands

Click on the "play" button to hear the audio.  If you do not see the button or you are having any trouble with the sounds, first make sure that you have the latest Flash Player.  If you continue to enounter problems, please contact us.


Come!   Ke mně!


  K noze!
Sit!   Sedni!
Down!   Lehni!
Stay!   Zůstaň!
Wait!   Čekej!
Leave it! / Stop that!   Fuj!
Give! / Let go!   Pusť!
Get down!   Dolů!
Shake hands!   Pac! /   Dej pac!
Go to bed!  Místo! /   Na místo!
Fetch!  Aport! /   Přines! /   Dones!
Good dog!  Hodnej (masc. informal)
 Hodná (fem.)


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