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aunt teta
boy kluk, chlapec (formal)
bro brácha (slang)
brother bratr
brother-in-law švagr
child dítě
children děti
cousin (female) sestřenice
cousin (male) bratranec
dad, daddy táta, tatínek
daughter dcera
daughter-in-law snacha
family rodina
father otec
father-in-law tchán
girl holka (informal), dívka (formal)
grandchild vnouče
grandchildren vnoučata
granddaughter vnučka
grandfather, grandpa dědeček
grandmother, grandma babička
grandparents prarodiče
grandson vnuk
great-grandfather pradědeček
great-grandmother prababička
husband manžel
little brother bratříček
little sister sestřička
mom, mommy máma, maminka
mother matka
mother-in-law tchýně
nephew synovec
niece neteř
parents rodiče
siblings sourozenci
sis ségra (slang)
sister sestra
sister-in-law švagrová
son syn
son-in-law zeť
uncle strýc
wife manželka


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