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Czech Tongue Twisters

Click on any of the linked Czech phrases to play them in your audio player. The audio is available in Real Audio. You can download RealPlayer for free from real.com.

Strč prst skrz krk.
Stick your finger through your throat.

Pštros s pštrosicí a malými pštrosáčaty.
Pštros s pštrosicí a pštrosáčaty šli do pštrosačárny.
A male ostrich with a female ostrich and baby ostriches went to the ostrich house.

Třistatřiatřicet stříbrných křepelek přeletělo přes třistatřiatřicet stříbrných střech.
Three hundred and thirty three silver quails flew over three hundred and thirty three silver roofs.

Naolejuje-li je Julie, nebo nenaolejuje-li je Julie?
Will Julie oil them, or will Julie not oil them?

Pan kaplan v kapli plakal.
The chaplain cried in the chapel.

Od poklopu ku poklopu Kyklop kouli koulí.
Cyclope is rolling a ball from cover to cover / from manhole to manhole.

Kmotře Petře, nepřepepřete mi toho vepře.
Godfather Peter, don't put too much pepper on my pork.

Naše lomenice je mezi lomenicemi ta nejlomenicovatější.
Our gable is the best gable of all gables.

Vlk zmrzl, zhltl hrst zrn.
The wolf froze, he swallowed a handful of grains.


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